Geoflex Named as CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree

French Startup Awarded for Safe-PPP, its Highly Accurate, Highly Safe Positioning Solution

Massy, France, October 19th, 2021 – Geoflex, a provider of high accuracy positioning services, is announcing that it has been named as CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree, in the category Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation for its solution, Safe-PPP.

Geoflex Safe-PPP (Precise Point Positioning) is a fully standardized high accuracy GPS-GNSS corrections service offering a worldwide centimetric accuracy with a high level of safety. It allows precise positioning to be used in critical applications, where safety is paramount, such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Vehicles , or safe train positioning to dematerialize railway signalling.

Geoflex’s Safe-PPP is provided under a SaaS model, independent of the GNSS receiver. The system has demonstrated in real use-cases a Target Integrity Risk (TIR) of 10-9/hour, i.e. one failure authorized per 110 000 years of operation.

The overall market addressed by Geoflex (GNSS augmentation) is estimated to reach €42 Billion in 2025, up 12% per year from 2020. Geoflex is well positioned in this segment, working with 6 of the 40 largest French companies (CAC 40 index) and currently developing its business overseas.

“After winning a first CES award in 2019, this second Award is another testimonial of the excellence of our technology,“ explained Romain Legros, CEO of Geoflex. “I dedicate this award to our team that has worked hard to transform an idea into a reality which will have an impact on people’s life. Transport safety is about saving lives, therefore we shall be proud of making transport safer through innovative technologies,“ he added.

About Geoflex

Geoflex provides a cloud-based, safe and accurate positioning service enhancing GPS/GNSS based applications to 4 centimeters positioning on land, at sea and in the air, using the PPP CNES©/Geoflex technology.

Geoflex provides universal hypergeolocation to trains, cars, vessels, drones, smartphones and more, working with the leading worldwide players in these markets.

This hypergeolocation system is based upon a unique alliance between a portfolio of technology patents developed for more than 10 years by French space agency CNES, and a seasoned team with 30 years experience in GPS/GNSS.

Geoflex has been founded in 2012 by Romain Legros, a serial entrepreneur in GNSS. The company is headquartered near Paris, France.

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