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GNSS Correction Services

Geoflex GNSS corrections services (Precise Point Positioning) are available since 2018. These services are streamed via various channels (Internet, satcom…) and sold under subscriptions to reach the right level of accuracy required for your application, from a few decimeters to a few centimeters.

The corrections are provided under the RTCM3 standard, therefore working with most GNSS receivers on the market.

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Software Development Kit

To accelerate your go to market, Geoflex provides a state of the art Positioning Engine able to implement its PPP corrections with your GNSS raw data measurements.
Geoflex has also developed a significant expertise in sensor fusion by integrating data from a large variety of third party sensors (odometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) to complement and strengthen GNSS-based positioning.

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The GNSS Box provides a full integration of Geoflex technology in a ready to use, customizable hardware package which includes:

  • A state of the art Positioning Engine receiving Geoflex corrections
  • A GNSS receiver available in four different configurations from 72 to 220 channels.
  • A redundant connectivity (2 SIM card slots with 2 GPRS/UMTS modems, radio, telecom sat)
  • A connection port to plug external sensor (odometer, inertial measurement unit, …).
    Optional GNSS and wireless connectivity antennas.

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Cloud-based positioning

Geoflex provides its correction services and positioning engine on the cloud as a Software-as-a-Service. Currently available in beta, this service receives raw GNSS data (and inertial sensor data, if available) as an input and serves a corrected position as the output.

Geoflex cloud service also offers post processing of raw GNSS data files, providing further positioning accuracy.

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Engineering services

For the integration of its correction data, its software and hardware, Geoflex provides technical consulting and engineering services based on its longstanding GNSS expertise.

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Self-positioned RTK Base Station

Geoflex offers a self-positioning RTK Base Station which establishes its very precise position.
Once the Base Station is accurately positioned, a nearby (less than 10 km) GNSS receiver can position itself with an accuracy of 2 cm (2D-95%) using Geoflex correction services.

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