Aero & UAV Hypergeolocation

Accurate and safe positioning to power the airspace revolution

Aircraft, drones and e-VTOL to grow air traffic

The most recent years have seen the growth of three trends: aviation automation (such as automatic landing), fast growth of drone usage and regulation as well as the upcoming electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) aircraft for urban air mobility.

These cumulated trends clearly indicate a growing number of aircraft will share the airspace in the next decade, with various level of automation. These will require new levels of safety and as a consequence the need to locate every aircraft in real-time with high accuracy and integrity in the three dimensions.

In the last decade satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) such as WAAS (North America), Egnos (Europe) or QZSS (Japan) have laid the ground for more precise and safer aircraft positioning, however these systems are regional by nature and their accuracy is not sub-metric.

Centimetric accuracy

Geoflex provides the required accuracy and reliability to meet today’s and tomorrow’s airspace challenges. Geoflex’s GNSS correction services are offered across all navigation satellite systems: GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou, with centimetric and decimetric accuracy both in the horizontal and vertical plans.

Geoflex’s innovative PPP (Precise Point Positioning) technology has been operational worldwide since 2018, based on more than 10 years research and development by French space agency CNES and protected by 7 patents, licensed exclusively to Geoflex.

Geoflex’s correction service is broadcast as a global, single data stream in an interoperable, standardized format (RTCM3) working with any GNSS receiver. This allows to use any legacy GNSS hardware with Geoflex’s state of the art GNSS corrections.

The benefits of a global service

Accurate positioning such as Geoflex’s hypergeolocation could save airport millions in reducing the cost of installation and maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), and for smaller airport, not equipped with ILS, a lot more safety.

In comparison to other GNSS correction services such as SBAS regional systems or service providers using a dense terrestrial infrastructure, Geoflex offers a truly global solution providing the same centimetric and decimetric accuracy everywhere, from a large commercial airport in North America to a small airstrip in Africa.

For drones and other aircrafts tasked with earth observation missions, Geoflex can also bring unmatched centimetric accuracy of their measurement, worldwide in real time and in post processing mode.

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