Focus on collaborator: Belaid Ben-Lalli

Proud to introduce our young engineer in electronics, IT and telecoms development. It all started for Belaid with an internship at Geoflex a little over two years ago, and continues today with a permanent contract!

What could be better than turning a first internship into a CDI?

This is the story of Belaid BEN-LALLI, 25, engineer in electronics, IT and telecoms development at Geoflex for almost two years!
After a degree in automatics and electrical engineering obtained at the University of Tizi-Ouzou, Belaid completed his training with a master 1 in electronics, electrical energy and automatics at the University of Lorraine, then a master 2 in aeronautical and space systems engineering at the University of Paris Saclay where he obtained his engineering degree.

Curious is the adjective that qualifies Belaid, who knew Geoflex before joining us, but who wanted to learn more… And his curiosity was beneficial in his career since a spontaneous application and two interviews later, he joined Geoflex for a 6-month internship: the adventure begins…

… and keeps going!

At the end of his internship, Belaid became, a little over a year ago, an enthusiastic collaborator within Geoflex: “I learned a lot of things, especially about GNSS receivers, and also in the development of systems under Linux embedded, opening the doors to exciting projects. The multitude of missions at Geoflex allows me to constantly evolve and push the limits of my skills”.

A year full of experiences where the versatility of Belaid’s activity has been implementation with tasks to his credit of embedded software development, carrying out tests of our solutions, assisting customers in the use and integration of our solutions…

If Belaid chose to apply at Geoflex for his first internship in a company, then to stay as an employee, it is partly for the projects on which we work and the multiplicity of sectors that we let’s touch.

But not only…

If Belaid were to sum up his two years at Geoflex, he would define it by curiosity satisfied through constant learning and experience rewarding. Not to mention the challenges he encountered and learned to overcome with the collaboration and support of his colleagues.

Geoflex trusted him by assigning him a mission with a client. The roadmap entrusted to Belaid during his internship led to convincing results, his work was valued by the client who kept and integrated his results. Recognized and appreciated work, it makes you want to stay!

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