Marine Hypergeolocation

High accuracy positioning for marine applications

High precision positioning to the centimeter level is a must have for navigators and engineers to perform complex operations at sea.

Dynamic Positioning (DP) for marine and drilling
Precise GNSS is an essential position input source for DP operations aboard vessels or off-shore floating platforms within the oil and gas and renewable energy industries.

Structures Monitoring
Whether fixed or anchored to the seabed, off-shore platforms, wind turbines and buoys require accurate monitoring of potential horizontal and vertical drift.

Laying cables and pipes on seabed, undertaking subsea field development, as well as installing and repairing various subsea equipment requires precise positioning performance and accuracy.

Whatever the project: construction survey, geophysic, hydrographic, geotechnic, and UXO surveys, and pipeline route and inspection survey: this is all about precision and reliability. Precision means an accurate position of vessel and installed sensors, to ensure the data captured can be relied upon with confidence.

The Geoflex Solution

Geoflex delivers GNSS correction accuracy levels down to 2 cm (horizontal – 68%) and 4 cm (vertical – 68%) enabling the most challenging applications at sea. This level of accuracy is offered with the confidence brought by a fully redundant system.

Geoflex’s innovative PPP (Precise Point Positioning) technology has been operational worldwide since 2018, based on more than 10 years research and development by French space agency CNES and protected by 7 patents, licensed exclusively to Geoflex.

Geoflex’s correction service is broadcast as a global, single data stream in an interoperable, standardized format (RTCM3) working with any GNSS receiver. This allows to use any legacy GNSS hardware with Geoflex’s state of the art GNSS corrections.

On top of its data stream Geoflex offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Hardware Development kit (HDK) to meet all customer’s requirements.

The position can be calculated at sea or in the cloud, in real-time or post-processing mode. As an example, for near real-time static or kinematic use cases such as structures monitoring, sophisticated, cloud-based algorithms can be used to further improve accuracy and robustness, delivering measurements and timely alerts.

Sophisticated yet simple to use

Geoflex is revolutionizing high accuracy GNSS for marine applications by providing several unique advantages:

  • A single subscription, everywhere in the world, in-shore, near shore, off-shore (based on your accuracy requirement)
  • A single subscription whatever your application: Oil & Gas, Wind Farms, Dredging, Survey,…
  • A competitive pricing allowing mind-free, 24/7 use, all year round

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High accuracy positioning for marine applications