Geoflex at Les Assises du NewSpace Saison 2

Romain Legros, CEO de Geoflex spoke at the round table dedicated to the market of mobility.

A look back at the round table in which Romain Legros, CEO of Geoflex, participated yesterday on the occasion of ★ Les Assises du NewSpace – Saison 2 ★
Inspiring exchanges and solutions around the theme of mobility markets: cars, autonomous shuttles, agricultural robots.

Well surrounded to better move forward with (from the left to the right):

  • Damien Garot, CEO of Stellar
  • David Roine, Director of Connectivity Strategy at Valeo
  • Romain Legros, CEO of Geoflex
  • Clément BARON, CTO of AgreenCulture

A large audience captivated by the interest of these exchanges was present!

A big thank you to ★ Les Assises du NewSpace – Saison 2 ★ pour their invitation and the STATION F for their welcome.

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