Agriculture Hypergeolocation

High Accuracy positioning for ag Tech

From auto steering to harvesting robots

High accuracy positioning has become over the years a mainstream technology in agriculture. The first self-driving tractors were rolled out some 20 years ago and today millions of farmers rely on this technology in their day-to-day job.

High precision positioning is a key enabler of automated guiding and auto steering of tractors but also for tasks such as seeding, spraying and spreading.

In the last few years drone usage has also grown in numbers, both fixed and rotary wings getting equipped with multispectral sensors for field observation, or used for insect and weed control across a variety of crops. They all require high positioning accuracy, precision and integrity.

Beyond flying drones, agriculture robotics also includes automated harvesting robots, which fuse multiple sensor data, and require high accuracy GNSS positioning.

4 cm accuracy, worldwide

For such demanding ag tech applications Geoflex’s hypergeolocation offers the right level of accuracy, down to 4 cm (2D 95% of time), without any local base station, with 100% worldwide availability. In a corn field in Kentucky, a rice padding in Indonesia or a coffee plantation in Kenya the service works just the same with similar accuracy, continuity of operation, reliability and integrity.

Going further in accuracy, Geoflex also provides a fully automated self-positioning Base Station which establishes its precise position very easily. Once the Base Station is ready, a nearby GNSS receiver can position itself with an accuracy of 2 cm (2D-95%) using Geoflex correction services.

GNSS receiver agnostic

High accuracy positioning in the fields drives numerous benefits for farmers: hoeing closer to the plants to avoid or reduce the use of chemicals, and spraying these exactly on the plant, to reduce the impact on the environment. Ultimately it enables further robotisation of operations.

Unlike many corrections services available on the market, Geoflex data feed works with the vast majority of GNSS receivers brands, thanks to the RTCM format, an industry standard.

Geoflex flexible offering includes its correction data stream, but also its positioning engine, enabling a fast go to market for its partners and value added resellers developing cutting-edge agriculture solutions.

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