SPATIAL, Accelerator of Innovation – Bouygues Innovation Morning

Romain Legros, CEO of Geoflex, participated this morning in the exciting meeting organized by Bouygues Group and moderated by Christophe Lienardon on the theme of space as an accelerator of innovation.

Romain spoke on the issues of the hypergeolocalisation, and the course of its session aroused great enthusiasm and curiosity at the end of the morning. His presentation made it possible to clearly determine the added value of our solution by increasing GNSS and to provide beneficial technological answers from space to earth!

A morning rich in lessons and exchanges thanks to very high-level space players who highlighted the impact of space on various sectors such as telecommunications, energy, environment and mobility.

A big thank you to ClaudieHaigneré, astronaut and former minister, for her inspiring keynote dedicated to “Space innovation at the service of humanity”, and other speakers who captivated the auditorium of Bouygues Group

  • “Space surveillance: a challenge and a necessity” by Romain Lucken, CEO and Founder of Share My Space
  • “Preserving forests through satellites: a tool for the environment” by Floriane Schreiber & Victoria Yegavian, ERS
  • “Tracking millimetre movements of buildings: a major innovation for safety” by Stephanie Limouzin, Deputy Director General of CLS Group (Collecte Localisation Satellites)
  • “Solar Power Beams: the solar farm of space – a renewable and sustainable energy source” by Jean-Dominique Coste, Senior Manager, Airbus
  • “EURO2MOON: Harnessing the Moon’s resources for space innovation” by Clarisse Angelier, General Delegate Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications – ANRT (Page Officielle) & @Eugenio Ferreira, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Concluding round table: “The future of space innovation” with Claudie Haigneré, François Alter – advisor to the CEO & Deputy CSO of the Centre National d’Études Spatiales, and Vincent Baudoin Vice President Latitude

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