Geoflex Invited To The London City Summit by Autonomy Paris & The Urban Mobility Weekly

Geoflex and Nicolas Burger would like to thank Autonomy Paris & the Urban Mobility Weekly for that great event with a lot of opportunities for networking.
Great exchanges with Bosch ambassadors : Jakob Kammerer and Olaf Monz, very impressive investement of Bosch into autonomous vehicles technology.
Very interested also by the English ecosystems around AVs , very inspiring discussion with David Webb from CCAV Event Production on how to create synergy and accelerate the adoption of technology with multiple in field testing facilities.
Autonomous vehicles was also at the heart of our discussions with Jose Paris David Marks from Aimmo on how precise positioning from Geoflex can solve some of their use case.
Also interesting to share with Matthew Clark from Steer what are the pain points of micromobility supplier when it comes to check out the scooter and its location is not correctly detected with geofencing algorithm.

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