Geoflex at Innodays by Bouygues Telecom

What if we talked about Hypergeolocation Geoflex in the service of team security?

On the occasion of the Innodays 2023 organized by Bouygues Telecom, our Head of business customers success Vincent Rumeau presents a use case dedicated to the safety of people at risk in the workplace:

Labor-intensive industries face safety risks in harsh and complex work environments: construction work, large industrial sites such as power plants, petrochemical plants, airports, railways and ports. In order to ensure safety and prevent accidents, it is essential to monitor the position of workers in real time using positioning terminals allowing very precise positioning.

The GNSS M30 receiver, combined with Geoflex ‘s hypergeolocation service, ensures safety on construction sites throughout the world. The site safety manager can control the position of the teams in real time, virtually delimit risk areas in order to prohibit access or warn the employee of the danger incurred.

On construction sites, there are places where you can circulate and others cannot. It’s a bit like putting invisible stakes in the ground to prevent pedestrians from entering an area reserved for construction equipment and vehicles.

Thanks to the centimeter accuracy of Geoflex ‘s geolocation, when an employee enters one of these areas, the box starts beeping and his safety vest flashes.

Hypergeolocation Geoflex opens up many opportunities to ensure better monitoring and management of companies’ field activities and helps prevent accidents on construction sites.

In short, the technology Geoflex associated with the M30 case is:

  • Very easy to use and completely automatic solution
  • Natively 4G solution connected to the Bouygues Télécom IoT platform
  • People and vehicle tracking
  • Access control
  • Worker safety
  • Integrated audible alarm to alert the employee to his presence in a dangerous area (geofencing), including around moving machines that could arrive on him
  • Illumination of the LEDs of a vest (visual alarm),
  • Sending an emergency stop command to a piece of equipment, a machine
  • SOS button
  • Follow-up of the “standing” posture
  • Geofencing around moving machines with driver alert
  • Security and Emergency Services ( fire truck, ambulance, police car…)
  • Documentation of delivery and inspection rounds
  • Delivery to the person and more to the address

Thanks to our electronics, IT and telecom development engineer Belaid Ben-Lalli for his contribution.

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